SastoSat CanSat Update: EPS Integration

Well..sort of.
A quick post here. I was able to put together the Electrical Power System (EPS) and the 500mAh battery together. Since I only had a button switch lying around, I took the liberty to add it to the system. It's annoying having to press on it every time you want to turn on the CanSat, in all honesty. Will have to get hold of a proper micro switch while I also redesign the CAD and print the structure to place the EPS inside and not outside hanging like that. 

If you would like further information on the progress of the SastoSat Cansat, please click on the links below:

SastoSat Introduction [HERE]
SastoSat Details [HERE]
SastoSat OBC [HERE]
SastoSat GPS Integration [HERE]

Here's an animated GIF when SastoSat's turned ON and OFF, enjoy.


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